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Surname Variants

Oaram Oram        
Oakey Oate(s) Oatey Oat(s)    
Oat(s) Oate(s) Oatey Oakey    
Oate(s) Oat(s) Oatey Oakey    
Oatey Oat(s) Oate(s) Oakey    
Odge Odger        
Odger Odge        
Old(s) Oulds        
Op(p)ey Op(p)ie Oppy      
Op(p)ie Op(p)ey Oppy      
Oppy Op(p)ey Op(p)ie      
Oram Oaram        
Osborn(e) Osbourne        
Oulds Old(s)        
Oxman Oxnam Hoxman      
Oxnam Oxman Hoxman      
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Painter Paynter        
Palmanton Palmenter Palmentor Pelmounter Pollamounter  
Palmear Palmer        
Palmenter Palmanton Palmentor Pelmounter Pollamounter  
Palmer Palmear        
Parnall Parnell        
Parnell Parnall        
Pascoe Paske        
Paske Pascoe        
Paton Patten        
Patten Paton        
Paynter Painter        
Pearce Pearse Pierce      
Pearse Pearce Pierce      
Peart Burt Purt      
Pellew Pel(l)ow        
Pel(l)ow Pellew        
Pelmear Pelmere        
Pelmere Pelmear        
Pelmounter Palmanton Palmentor Palmenter Pollamounter  
Pemberth(y) Penberth(y) Penba(r)(th)(y) Trenbath Trenberth Trembath
Penberth(y) Pemberth(y) Penba(r)(th)(y) Trenbath Trenberth Trembath
Pengelly Pengilly        
Pengilly Pengelly        
Penglase Penglaze        
Penglaze Penglase        
Penhale Penhall Penhaul      
Penhall Penhale Penhaul      
Penhalwrick Ben(n)(h)hallack Benhallick Penhallack Penhallick Penhal(l)urick
Penhaul Penhale Penhall      
Penprase Penpraze        
Penpraze Penprase        
Perkin(s) Perkyn        
Perkyn Perkin(s)        
Perra Perrow(s) Perry      
Perrow(s) Perra Perr(e)y      
Perr(e)y Perra Perrow(s)      
Perryman See Berryman        
Pheaby Phoebe        
Phoebe Pheaby        
Philips Phillipps Phillips Philp Filp  
Phillipps Philips Phillips Philp Filp  
Phillips Philips Phillipps Philp Filp  
Philp Philips Phillipps Phillips Filp  
Pierce Pearce Pearse      
Polglase Polglaze        
Polglaze Polglase        
Polinghorn(e) Polkenhorne Polinghorn(e) Polkinhorne Pukinhorne  
Polkenhorne Polinghorn(e) Polinghorn(e) Polkinhorne Pukinhorne  
Polkinghorn(e) Polkenhorne Polkinhorne Polinghorn(e) Pukinhorne  
Polkinhorne Polkenhorne Polinghorn(e) Polkinhorne Pukinhorne  
Pollamounter Palmanton Palmentor Pelmounter Palmenter  
Pomeroy Pommery        
Pommery Pomeroy        
Powele Powell        
Powell Powele        
Prade Praed Praid      
Praed Prade Praid      
Praid Prade Praed      
Pridaugh Prideaux        
Prideaux Pridaugh        
Probis Provis Purvis Probus    
Probus Provis Purvis Probis    
Provis Probis Purvis Probus    
Prouse Prowse        
Prowse Prouse        
Pukinhorne Polkenhorne Polinghorn(e) Polkinghorn(e)  Polkinhorne  
Purt Burt Peart      
Purvis Probis Provis      
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Quentrel Quintrale Quintrall Quintrel Quintrill  
Quintrale Quentrel Quintrall Quintrel Quintrill  
Quintrall Quentrel Quintrale Quintrel Quintrill  
Quintrel Quentrel Quintrale Quintrall Quintrill  
Quintrill Quentrel Quintrale Quintrall Quintrel  
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Rabby Raby        
Raby Rabby        
Rasley Rashleigh        
Rashleigh Rasley        
Raule Rowel Rule Roll    
Rawling(s) Rowling(s)        
Read Rede Reed      
Rede Read Reed      
Reed Read Rede      
Remfery Remfrey Renfre(e) Renfrey    
Remfrey Remfery Renfre(e) Renfrey    
Renals Reynolds        
Renfre(e) Remfery Remfrey Renfrey    
Renfrey Remfery Remfrey Renfre(e)    
Repper Ripper        
Reseigh Riseigh        
Retallack Retallak Retallick      
Retallak Retallack Retallick      
Retallick Retallack Retallak      
Reynolds Renals        
Richard(s) Rickard(s)        
Rickard(s) Richard(s)        
Riddell Riddle Riddler Riddill    
Riddill Riddell Riddle Riddler    
Riddle Riddell Riddler Riddill    
Riddler Riddell Riddle Riddill    
Ripper Repper        
Riseigh Reseigh        
Roach Rough        
Robarts Roberts        
Roberts Robarts        
Roll Rule        
Roschollar Roscolla Roscorla      
Roscoe Roskow Roskrow      
Roscolla Roscorla Roschollar      
Roscorla Roscolla Roschollar      
Rosemergy Rosemongey Rosemurgey      
Rosemongey Rosemergy Rosemurgey      
Rosemurgey Rosemergy Rosemongey      
Roskow Roscoe Roskrow      
Roskrow Roscoe Roskow      
Rough Roach        
Rouse Rowse        
Rowel Raule Rule Roll    
Rowall Rowett        
Rowett Rowall        
Rowling(s) Rawling(s)        
Rowse Rouse        
Rule Roll Raule Rowel    
Rundel(l) Rundle        
Rundle Rundel(l)        
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Sandae Sandoe Sandow      
Sanders Saunders        
Sandoe Sandae Sandow      
Sandow Sandae Sandoe      
Saunders Sanders        
Scaddan Scaddon Scandeyn      
Scaddon Scaddan Scandeyn      
Scandeyn Scaddan Scaddon      
Scollar Scholar        
Scholar Scollar        
Seamonds Semmans Sem(m)ens Semmons Simmens See Simmons
Sem(m)ens Semmans Semmons Simmens See Simmons Seamonds
Semmans Sem(m)ens Semmons Simmens See Simmons Seamonds
Semmons Sem(m)ens Semmans Simmens See Simmons Seamonds
Sems Sim(m)s Symms      
Sharman Charman        
Shears Sheer(s)        
Shedford Shelford        
Sheer(s) Shears        
Shegwin Chegwin Chegwyn Chirgwin    
Shelford Shedford        
Shellew Shelow Shellow      
Shephard Shepherd Sheppard Shippard    
Shepherd Shephard Sheppard Shippard    
Sheppard Shephard Shepherd Shippard    
Sherman Shirmon        
Shippard Shephard Shepherd Sheppard    
Shirmon Sherman        
Simmens Sem(m)ens Semmans Semmons See Simmons  
Sim(m)s Sems Symms      
Sim(m)ons Symon(d)s Symons See Semmans    
Skew(e)s Skewis        
Skewis Skew(e)s        
Sleaman Sleeman Sleman      
Sleeman Sleaman Sleman      
Sleman Sleaman Sleeman      
Smeth(r)am Smetheram Smith(r)am Smitheram    
Smetheram Smeth(r)am Smith(r)am Smitheram    
Smith Smyth        
Smith(r)am Smeth(r)am Smetheram Smitheram    
Smitheram Smeth(r)am Smetheram Smith(r)am    
Souden Sowden        
Sowden Souden        
Sparnol Sparnold Sparnon      
Sparnold Sparnol Sparnon      
Sparnon Sparnol Sparnold      
Sprage Sprague        
Sprague Sprage        
Standlake Stanlick        
Stanlick Standlake        
Stanway Stonaway Stan(n)away      
Stephen(s) Stevens        
Stevens Stephen(s)        
Stodde(r)n Stoddon Stotton Stolden     
Stoddon Stodde(r)n Stotton Stolden     
Stolden Stodde(r)n Stotton Stoddon     
Stonaway Stan(n)away        
Stotton Stodde(r)n Stoddon Stolden     
Stribbley Stribbly Stribley      
Sugram Sugrum        
Sugrum Sugram        
Symon(d)s Sim(m)ons Symons See Semmans    
Symons Sim(m)ons Symon(d)s See Semmans    
Symms Sems Sim(m)s      
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