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Regional Returns - London-Central

London Areas - Acton, Greenford, Hayes; Bermondsey, Dartford; Central; Edmonton, Ponders End, Tottenham, Waltham;

Fulham, Hammersmith, Staines; Willesden, Neaden, Cricklewood; Woolwich


Surname First Name Status Employment Dates Notes Factory NRGW Ref
Austin A. M Capstan lathe work 1915-19   Storey's, Pomeroy St SE 13/015
Baker K. S Hand grenade + fuse manufacture 1916-18   Vickery's, Old Kent Road 13/020
Barnes M. S   6 mos   Johnson's Filling Factory, Southwark 7/019
Biggs R.   Supervisor in machine room ?-1919   Cubbit's, Gray's Inn Road 3/279
Blake R. M Shell cap manufacture 3 yrs   Stevenson's, Wandsworth 2/027
Browning E. H. M Manufacture of shell slings     Hampton's Munitions, Lambeth 3/289
Burgar M. L. S Shell manufacture     Tomlinson's, Marylebone 3/030
Crowther M. E. S Fusw manufacture 1915-19   Cubbit's, Gray's Inn Road 3/316
Dark M. E. S Drilling shells     KSM, York St, Westminster 3/319
Digweed M. A. M Smoke bomb manufacture     Sure Seal Co., Chelsea 3/048
Draper G. V. M Fuse filling 1 yr   Summer St, Southwark Bridge Road 3/050
Dyer R. S       Kilburn Munitions Factory 3/051
Fisher M. S Gun gauger 1915   Cubbit's, Gray's Inn Road 10/078
Goodspeed E. S Bomb parts manufacture 1914-19   Turner's, Aldgate 7/149
Gordon M.   Gun part manufacture     Cubbit's, Gray's Inn Road 2/142
Green C. S       Springvale Engineering, W. Kensington 2/145
Jennings A. M Hand grenade manufacture     Beatons, St James' Square 1/183
Jennings D. M Hand grenade manufacture     Beatons, St James' Square 1/183
Kebbell K. M       Cuming's, Regents Street 3/103
Knivett C. L. M       Beck Street Munitions, Piccadilly 2/196
Lee K. M Soldering bombs     Sure Seal Co., Chelsea 1/204
Mills H. M. M Packing 18lb shells     Sugg's, Vincent St, Westminster 3/134
Murtagh F.   Manufacture of hand grenade + shell parts     Beaton's, Holland Park 1/246
Narborough C. M Hand grenade manufacture 1916-17   Vickery's, Southwark 7/275
Pederson V. M. S Hand grenade manufacture     Berry's Munitions, Westminster 2/063
Pickard D. M Packing shells     Sugg's, Vincent St, Westminster 3/171
Prior G. A. M Shell turning 1916-19   Projectile Factory, New Rd, Battersea 7/318
Pryor C.   Hand grenade manufacture 3 yrs Arm poisoned, operation + hospitalisation Sure Seal Co., Chelsea 2/276
Smith A. S Capstan lathe work 1915-19   Storey's, Pomeroy St SE 13/390
Steel nee Woodman E. M Cartridge manufacture     Vickery's, Old Kent Road 7/377
Stockwell J. M Shell inspector 2 yrs   Projectile Co., Clapham 7/381
Tindell   M       Projectile Factory, New Rd, Battersea 7/401
Winter A. M. S Capstan lathe work     Vauxhall Munitions Factory 2/402
Wright F. M Fuse inspector     Cubbit's, Gray's Inn Road 2/411




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